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Bangle Bracelet with Ball Ends


This bangle bracelet is the ultimate in guitar string chic. Composed almost entirely of guitar string components, the gold- and silver-colored ball ends* scattered along the wrapped guitar string add a bit of flare to this design. The bangle is light weight and stacks well with other bracelets.

* Ball ends are the small bead-like pieces found at the end of every guitar string for the purpose of anchoring the string into the bridge of the instrument. Learn more

How do I determine what size bangle bracelet I wear?

Bangle bracelet sizing is a tricky business; it has to do with hand size rather than wrist size, since the bracelet does not open and, therefore, must fit over the wearer’s hand. It must be large enough to fit over the knuckles, but not so large that it falls right off.

Click here for instructions on how to determine your size.

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