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Helix Necklace/Earring Set


A signature item in the reVibe line, the Helix design gives this necklace and earring set a unique look; no one will believe these pieces are made from recycled guitar strings!

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This necklace incorporates both nickel/stainless steel electric guitar strings and a single bronze acoustic string.* Additionally, gold and/or silver-colored ball ends (small bead-like pieces used to anchor the string into the bridge of the instrument) are used as spacer beads between the strings. Keeping true to the theme, the necklace is strung on a guitar string (approximately 16.5" long, with a 1" extension chain). The longest string hangs approximately 1.5" from the "chain."

The silver Helix earring that come with this set are made to perfectly match the accompanying necklace. The earrings hang approximately 1.75" below the ear.

Please allow slight variations from the item pictured, as all pieces are hand-crafted.

If you'd like to purchase just the necklace, please view the Helix Necklace listing.

*The necklace may be modified to use all "silver" strings with silver-colored ball ends. Make your specific selection via the drop-down field above.