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Adjustable-Slide Bracelet: Style 1


Designed for both women AND men, this one-size-fits-most adjustable-slide bracelet is the most popular item among the reVibe line. Crafted from a large-gauge electric bass string (gauge varies from 2–2.8 mm depending on specific bracelet design and string availability), and decorated with variations of coiled guitar strings and decorative beads, the bracelet slides open to fit over the hand and then slides closed to the desired size. It is easy to put on and take off oneself (see ADDITIONAL INFO+ below for instructions) and stacks well with other bracelets. Refer to SIZING INFORMATION to determine which size (small or large) will be the best fit for the intended recipient.


  • This style features a gold-colored bass string ball end* at the center and your choice of either BRASS and steel beads or COPPER and steel beads. The beads are accompanied on either side by coiled electric guitar strings.
  • Silicone stopper beads, which come on every bracelet, may be slid along the bass string to set the desired size. (Refer to product images for further explanation.)


  • Generally, size SMALL is designed to fit over most WOMEN's hands, while size LARGE will accommodate most MEN's hands.
  • Size SMALL opens to approximately 3" diameter.
  • Size LARGE opens to approximately 3.75" diameter.
  • To determine which size is best, refer to the bangle bracelet sizing instructions.

* Ball ends are the small bead-like pieces found at the end of every guitar string for the purpose of anchoring the string into the bridge of the instrument. Learn more >>

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Additional Info

Note: Please allow for slight variations in color and style from the images shown here, as all pieces are handmade and are dependent upon the strings and other components available at the time. Also, all measurements are approximate. If you are dissatisfied with any piece received, please refer to reVibe's shop policies.

This short video demonstrates how the adjustable slide clasp functions on this reVibe bracelet. The "trick" is to be gentle and not try to force anything. The clasp should slide fairly smoothly along the bass string to open fully and then slide closed mostly on its own when released.